About Us

Sonic Core is a German developer and manufacturer of digital audio systems that in 2007 took over assets of Creamware, and continues to support, manufacture and develop several products.

As part of the SCOPE DSP Audio Platform, Sonic Core has released SCOPE XITE-1.

A Sound Processor and Audio Interface. Unlike older SCOPE products developed by Creamware that were internal PCI cards XITE is an external rack unit, combining a high-end audio interface with a powerful DSP-based audio accelerator farm based on SHARC® DSP chips. Interfacing with a computer is done using a PCIe card or an ExpressCard.


Sonic Core has released updates to the SCOPE software and Plug-Ins, thus enabling also owners of older Creamware cards to use software written for newer products.

3rd Party developers are an important part of the SCOPE community, developing all kinds of DSP Plug-Ins for the SCOPE platform. The other way round Sonic Core is helping 3rd Parties that have written Plug-Ins for the SCOPE platform to release their Plug-In as hardware product. The SOLARIS synthesizer that is manufactured by John Bowen is the result of such a collaboration.

Our Roots

As part of the former Creamware team, Sonic Core has been involved to the SCOPE products from the very beginning. It all started at the Stockert radio telescope in Bad Münstereifel, which was owned by Creamware, used for inspirational purposes and as a location for Creamware’s musical festivals called Woodstockert.

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