Scope 7

The Ultimate Sound Workstation

Engage your creativity

Create Something Unique & Amazing

Scope 7 is a modular audio generation and processing environment with a graphical interface that is running standalone, independently of your DAW but of course it can connect to your DAW seamlessly.

It is like an operating system, running on specific SHARC based hardware (Xite), created solely for the purpose of processing audio.

The processing of the signal happens within the hardware processor (Xite) in real-time with control being transferred to the DAW via the Scope routing window.

With the Scope one can produce state of the art analogue sounds, mix and match different synthesis types, record a band, sample sounds, mix or master studio session and much more.

A world of inspiration is awaiting for You

Scope software features more than 100 plug-ins, developed by world-renowned team of DSP developers. Ranging from amazing Mixer modules, physically modeled instruments, Vintage and Modern synths up to mastering tools, sequencers, MIDI tools and other utilites.

Sound Creation and Processing by real Hardware

SCOPE provides you with the Technology of world-class real digital Studio Devices and Hardware Synthesizers. The sample-based floating-point processing of the SCOPE DSP Hardware and the distinguished sound algorithms have made its authentic, lively and characterful sound an established benchmark. The SCOPE Virtual Studio Environment represents the Visualization of the Audio Equipment being processed by the SCOPE DSP Hardware.

A Complete Production Studio full of excellent virtual Equipment

Thanks to the exceptional performance of the SHARC® Super Harvard Architecture, the SCOPE DSP Hardware can house sophisticated Synthesizers, Effects, Mixing and Mastering Plug-Ins for an entire Music Production. The SCOPE Virtual Studio Environment provides a huge arsenal of expressive sounding hardware-quality equipment. It opens the door to unlimited inspiration and sonic creations.

Truly The most flexible Hardware DSP System available - Works with any DAW

Organize, control and route your complete hardware and software studio. Merge hardware and software inside Scope. Scope will provide you a Modular structure and flexibility in all aspects of the software no matter what you are trying to achieve. Merge hardware and software inside Scope and route to or from any DAW. You can mix audio inside your favorite DAW or you can choose to work with amazing Scope environment that provides mixers and tools.

Organize and Route freely

Integration is a primary feature which makes Scope so unique.

Connect and organize anything into your own idea.

Scope provides you the freedom, and the expandability of a hardware patch system, without the phyisical constraints.

Multiple modules are included, from utilities like MIDI filters, Control Room, recording tools, Surround mixers and MultiFX wrappers to sequencers, amazing virtual instruments, signal processor and remote panels.

Merge hardware and software signal inside Scope and route to or from any DAW. You can mix audio inside your favorite DAW or you can choose to work with amazing Scope environment that provides mixers and tools.

Where Scope really stands out is our workflow for hardware integration devices.

With Scope you can freely route and patch everything to anything. You can patch your guitar into Modular synth or you can process piano through Vocoder in real time.

Whether you’ll use Scope to integrate all of your hardware and software instruments into one virtual environment which can be recalled on demand or if you’ll use Scope to process and shape sound, create new synth with Modular, process surround mix or MIDI messages it’s up to your imagination.

Huge library of tools

The SCOPE Application Software as your virtual Studio comes with Synth Legends Bundle, the Classic Synth'n'Sampler Bundle and the MODULAR III.

With a total of 20 synths and samplers plus Hundreds of Modules for the MODULAR System, SCOPE offers you an amazing variety of instruments ranging from basic to highly complex, based on a multitude of synthesis methods including Virtual Analog, FM, Physical Modelling, Wavetable and Graintable Synthesis.

Inside Scope library there are more than 100 ready to use modules and examples to process any sources

Mixers and Effects

Mixers and Effects: Stereo, Surround and Dynamic Mixers, Reverbs, Delays, Equalizers, Dynamics, Filters, Modulations, Distortions and Mastering Effects

Synth Legends Bundle

Virtual Analog Synthesizer Collection: MINIMAX, Profit 5, B-2003, Lightwave, Prisma, Vectron, Vectron Player

Classic Mix'n'Master Bundle

Effects, Mixing & Mastering Collection: OptiMaster, PSY Q, VINCO, INTERPOLE , VDAT, VOCODIZER, VOCODIZER III

Classic Synth'n'Sampler Bundle

U KNOW 007, EDS16i v2, EDS8i, miniscope, miniscope MKII, Arpeg01, Arpeg02, Inferno, Poison, SB404 v2, BlueSynth, EZSynth, STS 2000P, STS 3000, STS 4000, STS 5000


DSP Accelerated Sound Creation System: The SCOPE MODULAR is writing its own chapter in synthesizer history.

Various Studio Tools

Additionally included: Meterbridge, Control Room, MIDI Keyboard, MIDI Monitor, MIDI Merger and Splitter, Effect Rack, Sequencer Remote and further useful tools. Just like a real Production Studio.

Hear Scope instruments and FX in action


Myriads of included virtual tools and Professional products from other renowned 3rd party developers are available to expand your studio.

Scope 7 list of included plugins



STM 4896 (96 Channels), STM 2448 (48 Channels), STM 48 S (48 Channels, Surround), STM 1632 (32 Channels), STM 16 S (16 Channels, Surround), Dynamic Mixer, Micromixer, Channel, Meterbridge, Control Room


SSB Mod Delay Ducking Delay, Pattern Delay, Multi Tap Delay, Delay LCR, Delay Long, Dual Delay


Loudness Control, Tone Control, Optimaster (Multiband Limiter), PSY Q (Psychoacoustic Equalizer), Vinco (High End-Compressor), Dither Shaper, Stereo Expander, Soft Clip, Spectral Balance Control


MINIMAX, MINIMAX v7, Profit 5, B2003, Modular 2, Modular III, Vectron, Lightwave, Lightwave v7, Prisma, SB404, Poison, EDS 16i, EDS 8i, BlueSynth, EZSynth, miniscope, U KNOW 007, Vectron Player, Inferno, Arpeg01, Arpeg02, STS-2000P, STS-3000, STS-4000, STS-5000, Sample Player, Arpeggiator

MODULAR system:

MODULAR III, MODULAR II, 300 Modules, 100 Patches

Reverb effects:

SC Plate Reverb, SC Ambience Reverb, SC Inverse Reverb, SC-RMX 160, MasterVerb Pro, MasterVerb Classic, MasterVerb, Early Reflector, 5.1 Surround Reverb

Modulation effects:

Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, 4-Tap Chorus, Harmonic Chorus, Hexa Chorus, Master Chorus, SC Chorus Delay Harmonic Flanger, Master Flanger, Space Flanger, Random Flanger, Step Flanger SSB Phaser, SSB Modulator, Auto Pan, Auto Wah, Tremolo, MIDI Tremolo


Channelstrip EQ , Channelstrip SC-SL9000, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, 4-Pole Filter, High Cut Filter, Low Cut Filter, DC Filter, MIDI Pole, Interpole, Long Interpole


Channelstrip Dynamics, Compressor, Limiter, Gate, Expander, SC Compressor S. SC Gate S

Special FX:

Ringmodulator, Vocodizer, Aux Rack, Multi FX, Deesser, Ducker, Vocoder III, Pitch Shifter, Distortion, Overdrive, Tube Drive, TQ Drive, Resonator


VDAT (Up to 48 tracks), VRC 128, VRC S

Scope 7 system requirements and compatibility


External PCIe Devices:

Sonic Core SCOPE XITE-1
Sonic Core SCOPE XITE-1D

System Requirements PC-Desktop:

SCOPE XITE-1: Available PCIe Slot / DSP Board: PCI Slot

Internal PCI Boards and Expansion Plates:

Sonic Core 3-DSP SCOPE PCI Board
Sonic Core 6-DSP SCOPE PCI Board
Sonic Core 14/15-DSP SCOPE PCI Board
Creamware SCOPE / Professional
Creamware SCOPE / Project
Creamware SCOPE / Home
Creamware Pulsar I
Creamware Pulsar II
Creamware SCOPE FX
Creamware Guitar Pack
Creamware Luna
Creamware PowerSampler
Creamware Elektra
Creamware Consumer Plate
Creamware Profi / Plus Plate
Creamware 3 x ADAT C-Plate
Creamware Sync Plate

System Requirements Notebook:

SCOPE XITE-1 ExpressCard Slot

Host Computer Operating System:

Microsoft Windows XP: 32 Bit / 64 Bit
Microsoft Windows 7: 32 Bit / 64 Bit
Microsoft Windows 8: 32 Bit / 64 Bit
Microsoft Windows 10: 32 Bit / 64 Bi

Audio Software Interfaces:

ASIO, Windows WDM

MIDI Software Interfaces:

Sequencer MIDI In / Out

Recommended PC Configuration:

CPU: Intel or AMD, Mainboard: ASUS, RAM: 16 GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon
Hard Drive (System / Programs): 480 GB SSD recommended
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 10 (32bit or 64bit)


SCOPE v7 and SCOPE SDK v7 are replacing earlier releases v5, v5.1 and SDK v6.

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