DSP Plugins

Your creativity assistant

From studio to stage Scope DSP plugin library is loaded with professional effects and virtual instruments that keep your creativity flowing. Select from a huge pool of high-quality vintage and modern day plugins available straight out of the box, with an expanding library in Sonic Core online shop.

With Synth Legends Bundle, the Classic Synth’n’Sampler Bundle, Mix’n’Master Bundle and the MODULAR III. With a total of 20 synths and samplers plus Hundreds of Modules for the MODULAR System, SCOPE offers you an amazing variety of instruments ranging from basic to highly complex, based on a multitude of synthesis methods including Virtual Analog, FM, Physical Modelling, Wavetable and Graintable Synthesis.

Vintage with modern twist

SCOPE Synth Legends Bundle

* Free – included with Scope 7 software

Experience the sound of DSP powered synths that are actually developed around the music you love. Get into the vintage depths or dive in to modern sharp sounds.

The purpose of Synth Legend bundle is to provide inspiring and easy to use sounds, that fit in a mix easily but stand out. The various filter models are used and applied in specific emulations for their specific sound characteristics.

Never before has an analog synthesizers been digitally modeled with such a precision and perfection as in this bundle. Be enchanted by the punchy oscillators, the powerful filter, the fast envelopes and many more features.

Inspired by an iconic series of digital synthesizers made in the 1980s with a touch of a modern twists and creations.

Time machine

Classic Synth'n'Sampler Bundle

* Free – included with Scope 7 software

Travel back in time and get the nostalgic, classic sound of the 80’s!

Enter Sampler with Timestretching and Pitchshifting Functions.

An flexible DSP sampler with 64 voices, allowing individual processing of your programs within your current project.

Accompany sampler with retro-futuristic sound with a collection of instruments that delivers classic synths and analogue atmospheres.

FM Synthesis, Arpeggiators it’s all here.

Record ready sound

Classic Mix'n'Master Bundle

* Free – included with Scope 7 software

Mix and Master your recordings with cutting edge tools.

Ever experienced that situation where your mix didn’t sound as good as your reference tracks?

It can be frustrating not knowing exactly how to get your music comparable to your favourite artist.

That’s exactly why we created Mix’n’Master Bundle. Featuring seven powerful plug-ins for artists and producers looking to deliver professional mixes and masters with ease and record ready sound.

Renowned developers

Choose products from reputable developers. From synthesizers, mastering effects, sequencers, mixers or processing tools - we got you covered.

Sonic Core Store is the place where Scope SDK developers offer to sell their creations to the world.

Hobbyists, Musician, Producer, Artists or Music Engineers they all can browse from the palette of amazing products and can download Free products and request trial versions before purchasing.

3rd-Party innovations open the door to unlimited inspiration and sonic creations.

You can browse between these brands:

Adern – Adern emphasize the special character and behavior of “real digital sound”.

Algorithmix – Specialized in high-end algorithms for customer-specific digital audio processors.

DASGOST – French – Austrian Joined Venture of DigitalAudioSoft and G.O.S.T.

DigitalAudioSoft – The French-based cooperation has released a large number of well-known classics.

dNa – Combines the best of analog and digital with special experience in tube and microphone technology.

G.O.S.T – The Austrian developer team, rooted in music and visual arts, complements and inspires.

John Bowen / Zarg Music – John Bowen has contributed to creation of many legendary Hardware Synthesizers such as Prophet 5, Moog music products and Sequential Circuits products.

Ocean Swift Synthesis – The Israeli-Portuguese cooperation offers exceptional virtual instruments and effects.

Orbitone – Orbitone provides classic analog sound with an individual character and excellent presets.

Softube – The patented method of the Swedish development team allows realistic reproduction of the original sounds.

SpaceF – SpaceF is involved in several challenging music projects and has developed sophisticated Plug-Ins for SCOPE.

Myriads of included virtual tools and Professional products from other renowned 3rd party developers are available to expand your studio.