Scope SDK

Think without limits

A great SDK makes your developer life better

The Scope SDK acts as a bridge between the core levels of Scope software and our hardware devices, and contains their own Macros and Core Modules (also known as atoms) which can be interconnected and utilized in many different ways.

It’s an environment that allows you to build individual and conglomerate devices from the most basic modules like digital oscillators, envelopes and filters, and also allows the construction of digital production devices, such as sequencers, synths, mixers or drum machines.

Scope SDK doesn’t just add instruments to your computer, it turns your entire computer into an instrument of your own design.

Under construction - will be disabled if not finished on release day

Scope software features more than 100 plug-ins, developed by world-renowned team of DSP developers. Ranging from amazing Mixer modules, physically modeled instruments, Vintage and Modern synths up to mastering tools, sequencers, MIDI tools and other utilites.

Sound Creation and Processing by real Hardware

SCOPE provides you with the Technology of world-class real digital Studio Devices and Hardware Synthesizers. The sample-based floating-point processing of the SCOPE DSP Hardware and the distinguished sound algorithms have made its authentic, lively and characterful sound an established benchmark. The SCOPE Virtual Studio Environment represents the Visualization of the Audio Equipment being processed by the SCOPE DSP Hardware.

A Complete Production Studio full of excellent virtual Equipment

Thanks to the exceptional performance of the SHARC® Super Harvard Architecture, the SCOPE DSP Hardware can house sophisticated Synthesizers, Effects, Mixing and Mastering Plug-Ins for an entire Music Production. The SCOPE Virtual Studio Environment provides a huge arsenal of expressive sounding hardware-quality equipment. It opens the door to unlimited inspiration and sonic creations.

Truly The most flexible Hardware DSP System available

Organize, control and route your complete hardware and software studio. Merge hardware and software inside Scope. Scope will provide you a Modular structure and flexibility in all aspects of the software no matter what you are trying to achieve. Wether you are trying to plug in your guitar source into vocoder or Modular synth in Scpe this is possible. Your imagination is your own limit.