Adern Music Pack

‘True Digital’ effects, that take advantage of processes that are only available in the digital domain.

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Adern Music Pack

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The Adern Music Pack consists of three Plug-Ins which are designed to behave in an exceptionally musical manner:

  • Fat Cat – a fat sounding dynamic saturation compressor
  • Museq – a velvety sounding parametric equalizer
  • Sat – a gentle saturation device for that extra ‘oomph’


While resembling ordinary processors, these processors have unique algorithms – each processor with its own special “twist”. These Plug-Ins are not analog emulations, but rather true digital instruments, taking advantage of processes that are available only in the digital domain, with a new type of warmth: The ‘Digital Warmth’.


  • FleXor technology
  • Full phase compensation
  • Anti-Clip protection
  • Can be loaded as insert effect


A demoversion you can find here »

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Xite download files (installation for Xite interface or PCI board):

Adern Music Pack download link (XITE or PCI board)