Cyan Bell

FM Synthesis – Cyan Bell is built upon FM Synthesis, but more lean towards making sonic soundscapes and weird sound-effects – Part of the Bundle

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Cyan Bell



It comes packed with One Comb Filter, a Unison and a Stereo Delay to make things more interesting
…Part of The Dream Bundle

As the name suggests, Dream Bundle is a compilation of dreamy synths for out of the ordinary sounds… It can be just a layer of soundscapes in the background of your track, or a full ambient composition… it can also bring new sonic palettes to your sound design project – or it can be used has you see fit

Dream Bundle Features: Didgeridreamer, Aeolian Pulsar Harp, Cyan Bell, Shruti Boxes and Gateway

*CYAN BELL is only available in  Bundle, its not sold separately

Detailed information you can find at »

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Download: This product is a part of commercial bundle pack from Ocean Swift Synthesis. When you order commercial bundle – this pack will be added to your account.