DAS Legend

Virtual Valve Equalizer. Give your instrumets and your tracks the legendary valve sound. With the LEGEND, DigitalAudioSoft provides an analogue ERQ emulation, based on the original DAS equalizer algorithms.

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DAS Legend

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This is a one-band parametric with low and high-shelf filtering. The voltage control emulates compression, saturation and color of analog tube sound. Each band can be activated separately. Activating the voltage control emulates the warm analogue sound of the tube technology.

Low-Shelf frequency band: 35 Hz to 220 Hz, gain: -16 dB to +16 dB
High-Shelf frequency band: 10 kHz to 16 KHz, gain: -16 dB to +16 dB
Mid-peak: 350Hz to 7KHz, gain: -16dB to +16dB
Master gain: -12 dB to +12 dB

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


DAS Legend download link (XITE)

DAS Legend download link (PCI board)

DAS Legend (64bit)

das_coef11_sys (Windows 64bit)



DAS how to install (PDF)