LBH VIII & Drum Modules

Step Sequenzer, Drums and Oscillators. Versatile rhythm tool through the ability to use drums, oscillators or external audio.

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LBH VIII & Drum Modules

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The LBH VIII 8-channel step sequencer can be played with a MIDI keyboard or triggered by MIDI messages.

Each of the 8 channels can load drum modules and oscillators, and can be used with audio sources to be gated and filtered. The drum modules and oscillators are designed as styles of the 80’s New Wave, RnB, Hip Hop and House Music.


  • Patterns can be triggered by various MIDI messages
  • Connectable to software MIDI sequencers
  • More than 30 preset lists for several sections
  • Rhythm, melody and sound kit presets can be combined
  • Templates and edit modes for step-modulators and gate lines


The audio examples below were recorded live by using simple kits made of T-Drums and BlackBox II oscillators without extra effects.

  • Jaw Harp and Pads: Mouth Harp in a synth version, modulated. Using 4 x T-Drums and 4 x pitched oscillators.
  • Slow Funky: Subtle changes in the grid (Toms and Percussion).
  • Plucked: Simple changes of the solo rhythm. The cycle of 4 patterns is triggered independently from the melody.
  • Dual Split 1 Cycle: One cycle of 8 patterns retriggers emphasis of the bass sounds and the modulation on Note-On.
  • FAT Drums: Vary the synth sound length, slightly changing drums and modulation.


This is how the LBH VIII & Drum Modules sounds:

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.



LBH VIII & Drum Modules download link (XITE or PCI board)

LBH Sequencers download link (XITE or PCI board)