Creating the familiar and famous trance / dance sound of the early millennium.

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The 2 Oscillator-Synthesizer comes with a special twist: the inclusion of the renowned SCOPE MINIMAX filter and more than 600 presets. The package includes Pi Super Mini and Pi Feedback Mini, punchy mini synths with the Pi2525 core.

Detailed information you can find at www.oceanswift.net »

This is how the Pi2525 sounds:

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Xite download files (installation for Xite interface):

Pi 2525 download link (XITE)


Scope board download files (installation for Scope boards)

Pi 2525 download link (PCI board)


Demo versions:

Pi 2525 DEMO download link (XITE)

Pi 2525 DEMO download link (PCI board)