Scope Application v7.0 + SDK v7.0 Bundle

Scope Application + Development Kit (SDK) – Bundle

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Scope Application v7.0 + SDK v7.0 Bundle

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Scope Application v7

Virtual Studio Environment for SCOPE DSP Hardware. Masterpieces of brilliant Sound: Introducing SCOPE® v7 Application. The Virtual Studio for SCOPE XITE-1 and SCOPE PCI DSP-Boards comes with a rich Suite of hardware-processed DSP Plug-Ins.

Scope SDK v7

The Development Environment for Hardware-Processed SCOPE Plug-Ins and Fast Prototyping at a Low Level enables Realisation of all your Ideas.


Scope 7 – The Ultimate Sound Workstation

Scope 7 is a modular audio generation and processing environment with a graphical interface that is running standalone, independently of your DAW but of course it can connect to your DAW seamlessly.

The processing of the signal happens within the hardware processor (Xite) in real-time with control being transferred to the DAW via the Scope routing window.

With the Scope one can produce state of the art analogue sounds, mix and match different synthesis types, record a band, sample sounds, mix or master studio session and much more.


Self developed Plug-Ins for the SCOPE DSP Hardware
The SCOPE SDK Development Environment enables you to create your own Hardware-Processed Plug-Ins. SCOPE provides you with the Technology of world-class real digital Studio Devices and Hardware Synthesizers. The sample-based floating-point processing of the SCOPE DSP Hardware and the distinguished sound algorithms have made its authentic, lively and characterful sound an established benchmark.

A huge Libary of excellent Sound Processing Algorithms
The SDK gives you all components you need for developing sophisticated Synthesizers, Effects, Mixing and Mastering Plug-Ins. Build up your concept, design your idea and realize your device with circuit and control surface, preset library and MIDI interface. No matter what your goal might be: SCOPE provides you with the widest range of sound synthesis algorithms ever been created for a hardware-based DSP system.

Rapid Prototyping through wiring of Modules
Through the flexible routing concept, a circuit can be build up by simply wiring Algorithm Modules. So you do not need any programming skills to work with first-class signal processing components. Just use the Filters, Oscillators, LFOs, Modulators, Switches, Shapers an more modules the SCOPE SDK provides you with.

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Download: available on product pages

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