Shruti Boxes

Additive Drone Synthesizer – Part of The Dream Bundle

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Shruti Boxes



Various Versions

Shruti Boxes come in several versions you can either use: Shruti C, Shruti F, Shruti G, Shruti Free, Shruti Duet and Shruti Supreme
Additive Oscillator

Modeled oscillation to produce the shruti sound, with controls for the body and the brightness of the tone

A Free Version

There is a free version of Shruti Boxes, called “Shruti Free” Download and try anytime

Dream Bundle Features: Didgeridreamer, Aeolian Pulsar Harp, Cyan Bell & Shruti Boxes – All instruments packed into one – Shruti Boxes are only available in Dream Bundle, it cant be bought in separate

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This is how the Shruti Free sounds:

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Download: This product is a part of commercial bundle pack from Ocean Swift Synthesis. When you order commercial bundle – this pack will be added to your account.