Physical Modelling String Instrument. Emulates acoustic and electric guitar, bass, harp, sitar, dulcimer and other string instruments. Built around synthesizer based on physically modelled acoustic resonators. This instrument provides a mixture of real-life presence and distinctive timbres that can’t be found anywhere else.

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Thanks to a patented physical modelling technique, Six-String produces string instrument sounds with a degree of realism unparalleled by any previous algorithm. Since the Six-String is not based on static samples, but a real time model of a genuine string, there are a multitude of possibilities for sonic control. Select from among different string types (steel, nylon, bass…) and the position and type of string excitation. Adjust the virtual pickups, or select from various body profiles. Its effects section includes a guitar amp with vacuum tube simulation.

This is how the Six-String sounds:

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


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