Ambient Delay

Modern sounding light delay unit loaded with features that will make it your go-to delay.

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Ambient Delay

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Built with refined techniques and design, Ambient Delay can be used as simple delay or as “Quasi-Instrument” that add life and dimension to your tracks with special focus on a fast workflow. The clear and inspiring user-interface provides quick and professional results.


  • Modern Sound
  • Dual Feedback Line, Filter-Modulated Delays, Feedback Level Modulation
  • 2 Filter Lines
  • 4 Modulators (Envelope Follower, 2 LFOs, 1 Modulation Mixer)
  • External Modulation (Modular Mixer Specific Inserts)
  • Input: Mono or Stereo / Output: Stereo
  • Optimized for SCOPE XITE-1 and SCOPE Software up from v5.0
  • Compatible with any Stereo or Mono Insert Slot
  • Compatible with Modular Mixer v1 and v2 (Modulated Insert Effect)
  • Compatible with SCOPE PCI Boards and SCOPE Software v4.x.


SpaceF has specialized in designing mixing tools that unleash the creative power of SCOPE. Since 2003 they have released several delay units, in particular the SpaceF-Echo 35. Ambient Delay has been made after a decade of using SpaceF delays in music productions. If you are familiar with the use of delays, you definitely should try Ambient Delay!

Listen to the Ambient Delay Sound Demos:

Ambient Delay 1: Live manipulations of resonance or feedback. The input setting is mono to stereo (L).
Ambient Delay 2: A preset that runs freely without any human intervention. The same ambient delay unit is used for all sounds at once as an Aux effect. The input setting is mono to stereo (L).
Ambient Delay 3: Three presets where all sounds go to one separate instance of the Ambient Delay. The input setting is mono to stereo (L) on all samples. One insert effect is used in Ambient Delay insert slots:
1. Dry (no delay)
2. Modulated 4 pole as a “pre” effect
3. Fast delays and distortion as a “pre” effect
4. Slow and fat, 4 poles in the feedback loop and as a “post” effect.
Other sounds (Courtesy of Fernando Hood): Various presets adding rhythms or subtle stereo atmospheres.

This is how the Ambient Delay sounds:

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Xite download files (installation for Xite interface):

Ambient Delay download link (XITE)


Scope board download files (installation for Scope boards)

Ambient Delay download link (PCI board)