Brickmaster Pro

Mastering Plug-In. Special brickwall mastering plug-in using mid-side technology.

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Brickmaster Pro

99,00 "Incl. 19% VAT"


The limiting process is based on DigitalAudioSoft’s established algorithms which is used also for DAS 1610++, DAS 2A and DAS COMP AI.


  • Maximum Peak -0.3dB FS
  • ABCD Compare Mode Correlation Meter.


Dithering Section:

  • 16/24 Bit
  • RPDF Dither
  • HPDF Dither
  • HP2 Shaper
  • FIR9 Shaper


Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Bricksmaster Pro download link (XITE and PCI)



DAS how to install (PDF)