Dynatube Guitar Bundle

Virtual Guitar Amplifiers. Powerful realtime-simulation of 4 prestigious vintage guitar amplifiers.

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Dynatube Guitar Bundle

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The distinctive guitar amplifiers Dynatube JM, MB, VX and FT are divided into two sections each: the actual amplifier on the one hand, and the speaker simulation for the room, microphone and the transmission path for recording to the other. The sections of different types can be varied. An introduction and sound examples you find below.

Possible sample rates are 44.1kHz and 48 kHz.

See the manual for further information

This is how the PRODUCT sounds:

Dynatube JM

The Dynatube JM is based on a Marshall JCM800 2203 amplifier connected to a 1960A 4×12″ closed back speaker cabinet. This is the most widely used amplifier in rock history. It can be heard on thousands of hit recordings from all over the globe. It embodies the Marshall sound, with plenty of distortion just a knob-tweak away. The Plug-In simulates the amplifier from the high sensitivity input. The included microphone model allows full studio-like flexibility, as it can be moved between near and far field positions in front of the speakers. This is how the Dynatube JM sounds:

Dynatube MB

The Mesa Boogie is all about high-gain. While the original amplifier has a close to ridiculous amount of controls and knobs and whatnot, we have chosen to stick to the characteristics. We only model the most high-gain of the three channels, which has three modes ranging from the kind of hard that shellshocks the neighbors, to earthquake-like mayhem. After all, loudness is what you want when you buy Mesa, and Raw/Vintage/Modern is all you need. And while we too like insane distortion, we have made sure to retain the excellent dynamics of the amplifier. You can even get clean sounds out of it, if that’s what you really want. This is how the Dynatube MB sounds:

Dynatube VX

The Vox AC30 / 6 Treble comboproduces a very pleasant guitar sound with plenty of character. The old, worn out speakers of the amp has been replaced with brand new top-notch Celestion Blue 2 x 12″. The cabinet is half open back, and as with the other amplifiers of this product line, the Plug-In includes a microphone simulation. The warm yet intense Poweramp distortion gives an edge to your guitar sound that makes it shine through in mixes, without drowning out other instruments. The three channels can be blended to your liking, to create your very own sound. It also has a built-in vibrato effect with an amazing space sound. Start experimenting with the VX! This is how the Dynatube VX sounds:

Dynatube FT

The Dynatube FT is every bit as versatile as the original Fender amp. It can produce anything from the clearest country-style sound for your steel guitar to a dirty, bluesy guitar noise. It works for both funky, rhythmical comps and bassy, mellow chords. It’s got a famously warm sound with a shimmering treble and a massive bass. And since you’ll probably want to bring your audience to tears with a heartstring-pulling groupie-friendly ballad at some point, we have included an authentic tremolo simulation. Or ‘Vibrato’, as it is called at Fender. This is how the Dynatube FT sounds:

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Dynatube Guitar Bundle download link (XITE or PCI board)