FAT Inserts

The FAT Inserts give a feral analog touch to vocals, guitars, drums and synthesizers.

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FAT Inserts

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Analog Touch Effects

Its 2-stages valve circuit emulation has a subtle drive and a vintage sound touch like the warm and harmonic sound of a valve amplifier. The user interfaces are minimalist like the purity of the designed algorithms. VU meters can be switched to Input Gain (before Valve), Post Gain (after Valve) and Output Volume. Inclusion of a 12dB gain makes the FAT Gs useful also for lower signal sources. The FAT Cs are equipped with a 3-Mode Resonant Filter and 4 Effect Insert Slots.

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Xite download files (installation for Xite interface or PCI board):

FAT Inserts download link (XITE or PCI board)