FP 104 + FP 106 Mixers

12 Stereo Channels + 4 respectively 6 Mono Channels Mixers with convenient time-saving functions.

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FP 104 + FP 106 Mixers

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Virtual Mixers


  • 1 Effect Bus plus 3 Aux Sends/Returns
  • Bus and Aux allow to group channels for linked modulation and recording
  • Bus Effects can be sent to each of the 3 Aux Effects
  • Modulation Filters
  • Insert Slots equipped with Modulation Inputs
  • Recording Channel
  • Presets for Aux Effects, Master Effects, Mute Groups
  • Presets for Insert Load State and Recording Channel Insert Slot
  • Presets for Bus Channel Settings
  • Presets for labels and colors

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Xite download files (installation for Xite interface or PCI board):

FP 104 + FP 106 Mixers (XITE or PCI board)