Dynamic Guitar Amplifier. Tube Amp Emulation with the individual characterful sound of the FleXor technology.

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As expected, the concept of Mojo is different from the usual approach of emulating existing hardware units.

As with FleXor, the goal has been to develop a device that expresses an original idea and has its own identity. Mojo’s character is unique, its sound palette is rich, ranging from blazing hot lead guitars, through soft and crunchy blues sound, up to sensitive dynamic clean tones.


  • Unique sound of the FleXor Technology
  • 2 channels, clean and crunch.
  • 6 shapes of distortion for the crunch channel
  • Flexible channel routing
  • Guitar optimized Noise Gate
  • 10″ or 12″ Speaker emulation
  • Independent output for real amps
  • MIDI I/Os for full remote control


This is how the Mojo sounds:

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Xite download files (installation for Xite interface or PCI board):

Mojo download link (XITE or PCI board)