Adern All-In-One Bundle

FleXor 3 + Xor + Mojo + Music Pack

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Adern All-In-One Bundle

475,00 "Incl. 19% VAT"

FleXor v3

Extension Pack for the SCOPE Modular. FleXor v3 is the groundbreaking add-on pack that takes your SCOPE Modular to the next level. It can be an advanced and highly flexible Analog Modular Synthesizer and even effect unit. Amazing modules lets you patch just about any sound you can imagine - making the soundscape possibilities almost endless. The internal high-level DSP simulation of analog voltage levels produces a sound quality that rivals even expensive hardware synthesizers.


Variable Wave Synthesizer, revealing the dark and electric side of SCOPE.


Dynamic Guitar Amplifier. Tube Amp Emulation with the individual characterful sound of the FleXor technology.

Adern Music Pack

'True Digital' effects, that take advantage of processes that are only available in the digital domain.


Get to your next level by using the three Adern masterpiece Plug-Ins.

Flefox 3 information can be found here

Xor information can be found here

Mojo information can be found here

Music Pack information can be found here

Requirements: Xite hardware or Scope DSP board.


Installation files (installation for Xite interface and PCI boards):

Flexor v3 download link (XITE and PCI board)
Flexor v3 preset banks combined

Xor download link (XITE or PCI board)
Mojo download link (XITE or PCI board)
Adern Music Pack download link (XITE or PCI board)